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6 Reasons why you should install Impact Windows

Impact windows, also known as storm windows, combine a sturdy frame with high-impact glass, making them weather-proof and resistant to natural calamities such as storms and even hurricanes. Normal glass windows shatter in a wink and are eventually unsustainable as they must be replaced from time to time. Installation of impact windows can be pricey, but they are absolutely worth the investment. However, the advantages and benefits that impact windows bring to the table do not end here. If you are still in a dilemma about installing impact windows in your home, here are 6 reasons that will definitely change your mind!

1.) Impact Windows provide protection against storms and hurricanes

If you stay in an area that is prone to hurricanes and storms, installing impact windows is the best decision you can take. Impact windows are sturdy enough to withstand high-speed winds and flying objects such as branches, trash cans or patio furniture. Additionally, they are very durable and hassle-free. Maintenance of impact windows requires occasional cleaning. No lubrication or regular washing is needed to keep them clean and stain-free.

2.) Impact windows will make your house energy efficient

Designed with excellent insulation properties, impact windows have the ability to minimize heat absorption. Their climate-controlling property enables them to adjust the air in your house in accordance with the weather of your region. For instance, during summers, storm windows will not absorb solar heat and keep the air inside cool and comfortable. On the other hand, they keep the house warm during chilly winters.

Ordinary glass windows are, therefore, not as effective as impact windows. By switching to impact windows, you will surely see a drop in your utility bills. They will elevate the energy efficiency of your home while reducing the burden on your finances.

3.) Impact windows help in reducing Noise Pollution

Impact windows will be your saving grace if you live in a noisy neighborhood. We have all had experiences of disturbed sleep, distractions during work, and general annoyance owing to loud and vexing noises. Impact windows are specially designed to soundproof your home with the help of their thick glasses and sealed frames. Installing storm windows will certainly cause noise reduction and make the ambiance of your house calm and peaceful.

4.) Impact Windows provide protection against UV rays

The damages imposed by UltraViolet rays are not only limited to our skin. They have the potential to fade away or cause discoloration to the valuables around our house like our furniture, paintings, carpets, photographs, fabrics, etc.

Installing impact windows is like putting an extra layer of protection over your home. In addition to storm protection, they also prevent harmful UV rays from entering the house.

5.) Impact Windows provide extra protection and security

It is extremely easy to break into any house by shattering the normal glass windows. However, with impact windows, it is difficult to do so. Their thick and sturdy material is sticky and does not shatter or break easily, thus giving your house extra protection and security from possible robberies.

6.) Impact Windows give the benefit of insurance premium discounts

Insurance companies often take a close look at the various risk factors while providing insurance for houses. Especially in storm-prone areas, impact windows or storm windows act as an additional safety measure for your house. This means that your house is less likely to get affected by storms, hurricanes, and robberies. Insurance companies will provide you hefty discounts on your insurance premiums if your house is installed with impact windows.

If you have any questions regarding Impact Windows please give one of our agents at Door Depot of SW Florida a call today at (941) 412-1883. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you with your next windows purchase!


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