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Cost vs Value: Replacing a Garage Door

Replacing a garage door is a cost that most homeowners will be aware of, and they will be worried about the cost when it comes to the materials and the labor. Nevertheless, you should never feel afraid to invest in a home improvement project because there are definite added value benefits. Whenever you start a home improvement project, the focus should be on creating more value for your property.

While it is true that you will pay more for experienced technicians who do quality work, the higher price will be worth that added expense. In fact, Remodeling Magazine once stated that the return on investment for garage doors sat at around 83.7 percent. That makes it the fourth best home improvement project available in 2014. Because you see such a huge return on investment, it makes it worth it to look into the classy Amarr Carriage Court. Not only do you receive a lifetime warranty, the maintenance is very low, and the insulation or r-value is an impressive 6.48. That r-value becomes an unforeseen savings on your energy bill. Imagine your home with your current garage, which uses outdated technology to begin with. You have outrageous heating bills in the winter and ridiculous cooling bills over the summer season. Because of that, installing one of the newer insulated garage doors can dramatically drop the cost of your monthly utility bills.

Why Maintenance Matters

You want to maintain your garage door because over time, your investment will experience normal wear and tear. As a result, it may start to hold the heat less efficiently, and that can add up to further costs. Maintenance is also important because garage doors are major security risks. When you have a door that has been fortified better, it lowers the risk of theft taking place. You boost your gains, and you increase the lifespan of your garage door when you maintain it.

Should You Pay More?

📷We do not recommend that you just go out and buy the most expensive garage door that you money can buy. Not because it won’t add value, but research goes a long way to helping you succeed in your quest for the perfect home improvement project. Maybe a middle range garage door is better? The Amarr Classica sits at the medium price level for those who want quality at a lower price. What is interesting about this garage door is that while it looks like wood from afar, up close, it is made of steel. The advantage in steel is that it is lower maintenance than the wooden garage doors, and it still gives the appearance of a wooden door.

The cost of a door will vary, and it should depend on your budget. Here are some of the factors that determine the cost of a garage door:

  • Materials

  • Warranties

  • Location

  • Workmanship

While it is true that non-insulated steel will cost less than your custom-wood door, you will likely pay out more over the long term because of higher energy bills. In terms of workmanship, you can try a DIY project, but it is not recommended because you often pay more for the replacement because of damage. The spring of a garage door, in particular, is a complicated piece of equipment to install that takes an expert with the know-how. Also, the warranty from a professional is better, and it will cover you longer. Many times, the price of a garage door will change based on the location because every area will have a different architectural style. For example, stone homes in Vermont will be different from a stucco home found in Arizona. If you are looking for a great steel door, the Amarr Stratford costs little, and it is a standard gauge steel available in more than 150 different designs. Also, it comes with a 15-year warranty.

When looking to buy a new garage door, the best choice is one that offers a little more value in terms of appearance. A fancy looking garage door can add some much-needed curb appeal that will help you sell your next home. That’s what people first see. To capitalize on your investment, regular maintenance is important and using an annual DIY checklist to keep your garage door in tip-top condition.

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