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Does Replacing My Garage Door Ensure an ROI?

There are many home-improvements we have to consider when we are remodeling our house for ourselves or if we want to sell it in the future. Not only is it time-consuming, but sometimes it can be costly. When you're putting the right amount of money towards improvement, you would also want a good return on investment or ROI. According to Home Advisor, replacing your garage door in terms of Cost vs. Value gives you the highest ROI at 97.5 percent! You are likely part of the 41% of homeowners who want their houses and yards to look different than their neighbors, and what better selling point than a unique garage!

Why Garage Door Replacements are the Best Cost Vs. Value

Whenever we remodel a home, there are some things that we question whether or not we should rebuild, add on, or replace. According to Money Magazine, a kitchen remodel can have as low of an Estimated Recovery Value (ERV) of 75%. That means if you spend the typical kitchen remodel of $30,000, your ERV would only be $22,500. Maybe you think adding a swimming pool will add value to your home, but the highest average ERV is only 50%. After installation of averaging between $28,000 and $55,000, maintenance, increased utility bills, and repairs add around $5000 every year!

You may think that if you buy the cheapest garage door at a department door that you are in the clear for a high ROI, but cheap garage doors aren't your best investment. There are various levels of insulation to a garage door which including composite overlay-steel, or sometimes there is no insulation at all! A good quality garage door can increase energy efficiency, increase durability, and reduce noise. Cheaper garage doors are prone to rusting and denting. When you initially thought you would be saving money by going cheaper, it may end up costing you more in the long-run.

Replacing a Garage Door Helps Curb Appeal

When you are trying to increase your home's value for the home market, adding curb appeal is one of the leading factors. Landscaping and garage doors go hand-in-hand when it comes to curb appeal. A home with 'excellent' landscaping can expect to sell at a price that is about 6-7% higher than those with 'good' landscaping, according to Clemson University.

For some people, when they are looking to buy a home, they may find critical parts of the property that they love. These selling points may have been an afterthought to your remodel process, but it could be the deal-breaker for potential homebuyers. One of the first things they will notice will be your garage whether it be neighbors or homebuyers.

Replacing your garage door is a simple process but makes a substantial transformation to your home's exterior. They are eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, which helps make your home the star of the block! Especially if your garage has been around for a while, and seen a few hurricanes, it may be time to replace your garage door. Pick something that complements your home's exterior design and includes the highest quality material. The great thing about garage doors is that there are so many that can complement and reflect your personal style. Don't settle for your average dull and flat garage, go bold with cross beams for a rustic look or narrow expanses of glass with our Amarr Horizon or Vista.

Give your new garage door an even more updated look by complementing the modern features with decorations on either side of your garage. Some garage doors include built-in details like handles, windows, or patterns, so accessorize your light fixtures to coordinate. Adding potted plants or incorporating trellises around your garage makes it pop even more! Taking these steps also helps complement the other design elements of your home.

Update Your Home's Exterior and Maximize your ROI with Door Depot

Are you ready for the easiest and highest ROI for cost vs. value? Transform your home's curb appeal with our stunning garage doors. We guarantee the best quality of garage doors, including custom and special orders. Your ROI will be screaming with joy when they discover you chose Door Depot.

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