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How to Choose a New Entry Door

Your front door is the one thing you put a scary amount of trust in to protect you from the outside world. It’s also one of the first things a visitor notices about your home. Your entry door also has to be sturdy enough to brave the assault of the glare of the sun, or the snow, rain, or any other collateral damage the climate in your area could bring.

So, if you are in the middle of choosing a door for your new home or maybe replacing the old one, it deserves some consideration. What kind of entry door do you want to opt for? Do you live in a place where impact-rated doors make more sense for your abode? Are you worried about the cost?

Well, let’s take a look at some of the factors that should make choosing whether you want an aluminum entry door or a wooden one easier.

1 . The Material

Choosing the right material can take care of half of your problems when it comes to entry doors. Let’s take a look at the top three materials most people use.

Wooden Door

Usually, when you think about front doors, doesn’t your mind usually conjure up the image of a wooden entry door?

Understandable, as wooden doors are not only a popular choice for most people aesthetically, they’re also the most convenient. There’s a wide range of choices with it and it also soaks up almost all kinds of paint colors.

However, it’s best if your wooden door is in the shade, otherwise, there’s lots of maintenance to be done to keep it in prime condition. You should opt for the ones that have thick panels with equally thick rails and stiles.

Fiberglass Door

Not only does the fiberglass entry door tend to be durable, but also it barely needs maintenance in most cases. If you live somewhere where the weather condition is extreme, you might have to reseal it- otherwise, fiberglass doesn’t demand much.

For someone unaware, it can be easy to mistake a fiberglass entry door for a wooden one, because of how closely they resemble each other in look and feel.

Using wooden stiles and rails as a framework, the door is made by molding the skin of fiberglass. The insulation is done using polyurethane-foam in most cases.

The cost range for these entry doors can be a bit too varied, with the lowest somewhere around $300 while the highest is somewhere around $3000.

Steel Door

Steel entry doors usually have an inner frame of either steel or wood. The skin is, of course, of thick steel while the cavities are stuffed with foam insulation in high concentration.

For the most part, it’s not recommended you go for a steel door if you live in a hot area. Direct exposure to sunlight can result in a steel door that feels burning to the touch.

Also, if you have an aluminum storm door you want to pair with your entry door, the entry door shouldn’t be of steel. Between the two of them, the heat coming out could chip away at the finish of the steel door.

2. Security

Of course, security should be a major deciding factor on what your choice of the door should be. Fiberglass and steel entry doors usually have the best result when it comes to security. It’s also best not to have windows on your entry door, as those are the easiest to break.

For extra security, your entry door can be paired with something like an aluminum door. Two doors also helps combat the weather.

3. The Visual Aspect

You can’t completely skip out on the aesthetic appeal of your home. The value of your property can rise or fall due to it. Having a front door that looks cheap and unpleasant isn’t really a good idea. Steel front doors are great but if you choose it, make sure to tidy it up and decorate it properly.

4. Durability

Steel and fiberglass are usually the most durable. However, wooden doors made with high-end material can outlast both of them. On the other hand, fiberglass entry doors are unusually protected against any kind of weather. These doors also don’t start warping at some point, like wood would.

If you are looking for durability, steel or fiberglass is better, unless you can afford extremely high quality wood products.

5. Energy Efficiency

Compared to aluminum or wood, steel and fiberglass come with more energy efficiency—mostly due to the insulation.

For better energy efficiency, your front door should have a threshold that’s adjustable. You can block out the air by using an adjustable threshold. Energy efficient doors help regulate the temperature of your house, so cooling and heating costs can be avoided.

Final Thoughts

Your front door can help determine how secure, happy, and/or comfortable you feel in your home. If you have questions or need help finding an option that best suits your needs please give Door Depot of SW Florida a call at (941) 412-1883 and we would be happy to assist you in finding the right option for you!

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