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How to Choose the Perfect Garage Door Screen

Do you spend a lot of time in your garage working on projects? If so, leaving the overhead door open is a great way to provide ventilation, but it also lets in plenty of insects and pests. Installing a screen door over the opening solves this issue while still allowing maximum airflow. The following can help you choose the right type of screen and garage doors Englewood Fl.

What material should you choose?

There are many options when it comes to the actual screen material, with nylon, aluminum, and fiberglass being the most common. For a garage door installation, nylon screens are the least desirable since they are more likely to snag and develop holes. Aluminum and fiberglass screens offer comparable durability. Opt for aluminum if you don’t mind the silver color, but go for fiberglass if you prefer a white or black screen.

Should you opt for manual or automatic?

📷There’s really no good reason to choose the manual screen. Automatic, or motorized, garage door screens provide an ease of use that can’t be beat. They are fitted to a dedicated track that allows you to raise and lower the screen independent of the garage door. This means you can easily leave it up when it’s not in use or raise it when necessary so it’s possible to drive your car into the garage.

Will insects still get in around the bottom?

One concern is with the bottom of the screen, since there is often a small gap at this spot. To combat this, opt for a screen system that comes with a threshold. The threshold won’t just keep bugs from crawling underneath the screen, it will also prevent water and debris from working it’s way into your garage. A quality threshold will have ramps on either side of the raised platform so that no damage happens to your car tires as your drive over. The center platform is typically made of rubber so that the bottom of the screen isn’t damaged as it meets the threshold tightly.

Are there options to consider when shopping?

Not all garage door screen are created equally. You will have several options to decide upon as you shop, including the following:

Frame materials. Aluminum garage door screens are the most durable, but there are also vinyl and wood options.Frame color. Frames come in a range of colors so that you can choose one to match or complement the rest of your home.Screen design. Do you want a door in the center of the screen, or perhaps lattice work to make it more decorative? These are options you may have, depending on the manufacturer.

What if there is no room for an overhead screen?

Fortunately, there are other installation options. Side sliders are similar to overhead doors, except that the door is made to slide sideways instead of upward. This option works well if you have wall space but no overhead space. Another option is a roll-up screen. This rolls onto a spool-like rod above the door opening. The screen doesn’t seal as tightly to the sides of the garage door when engaged, though, so this option is only suitable when no others will work.

An insect-free space that still allows in cool breezes and a view outdoors can make your garage a much more useful space in your home. Visit Door Depot to find your new screen door. They offer a couple of different styles, including a motorized version with a strong threshold, that can fit your needs.

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