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How To Improve Your Windows Energy Efficiency

Did you know that energy-inefficient windows could be behind up to 60% of all heating and cooling costs? You lose energy, use more electricity and power, and generate a larger carbon footprint by not using the right impact windows.

Save money and the environment while making your home even more comfortable by using these simple tips to improve your window’s energy efficiency.

1. Insulated, Heavy Curtains or Blinds

The most inexpensive way to reduce energy loss through windows is to invest in insulated and heavy curtains/blinds. These block the heat energy transfer from outdoors to indoors, saving you from hefty monthly bills. Additionally, insulated curtains and blinds are available at any local home decor store.

They come in every shape, size, color, design, even custom made imaginable to fit your homes perfectly.

2. Check Your Tracks

If your windows are the sliding type, it is important to regularly clean and check the tracks and inspect the moving parts. Over time, dust and grime can collect inside the narrow strips. It isn’t unusual to see water damage or attacks of insects either.

Be sure to wash the tracks out every few months and use a lubricating fluid, so they work without a hiccup.

3. Energy-Conscious Frames

Having a window with a label saying ‘energy-saving’ isn’t enough. Those expensive products may still not function properly if the frame in which they are fit into aren’t the right ones. Moreover, a choice of opting for regular and energy-conscious frames is also available in the market. Vinyl and aluminum are the more feasible material choice for most window frames.

4. Professional Window Installations

A slight splurge but an overall feasible way to improve and get the most out of your energy-efficient windows is by getting professional window installations. While the type of glass, coating, and construction of the actual window gives it the ‘go green’ feature, it is equally important to properly insert the window into your homes.

Even the best quality, energy-efficient window ones may underperform if they aren’t fitted right.

5. Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is another low budget way to up the ante of energy efficiency in your homes. This process involves sealing openings in doors, windows from where the insulated air (hot or cold) escapes a room, making the air conditioner or heater run that much more. It also prevents water from leaking into the window walls and doors, preventing moisture damage and rot.

6. UV Blocker and Window Film

Getting a UV-tinted film to act as another layer of protection from the sun can significantly improve window energy efficiency. These added layers of shade can cut back electricity costs to 30% while only selling at barely 15 bucks. Darker-tinted shades reduce the penetration of sunlight.

On the other hand, window films come in transparent and translucent effects and offer a layer for insulation.

Ready for an Energy-Upgrade?

The proper selection and maintenance of something as simple as windows can make a huge difference as far as energy conservation goes. Notice a drop in your electricity bills just by repairing windows and cleaning out the tracks. Improve your window energy efficiency with these easy to do tricks and tips and reduce your carbon footprint and your power consumption along with the bills!

For your questions on our impact window selections here at Door Depot of SW Florida, give us a call today at (941) 412-1883.

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