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How your entry & garage door can raise the value of your home

Your entry and garage doors can do much more than being your home’s protective guards. Besides offering sturdy security, they can enhance the exterior look of your house and can even enable you to cut down on your utility bills.

If you have been considering the idea of swapping your old entry door/garage door, here are five ways in which an upgrade will be worth the investment.

5 reasons why you should upgrade your entry and garage doors

1. Beautiful exterior

Yes, looks do not matter all the time, but they strike a long-lasting impression on potential buyers. Given the cut-throat competition in the real estate property market, a new garage door can change the look of your house and give it a brand-new finish!

Manufacturers nowadays are launching garage doors that offer great utility and appearance. Choose one from the range of garage doors available in the market and let your property shine!

2. Returns on investment

If you do not plan on selling your house, a sturdy garage door certainly goes a long way in protecting your family and reducing your expenses. Moreover, new garage doors are typically known to retain their value. What’s better you ask, you can also enjoy some savings on your energy costs.

3. Low maintenance

With time, the condition and value of the entry door/garage door depreciate, and that’s quite normal. What’s worse? The high maintenance charges can burn a mini hole in your pocket. Thus, a modern door made from strong and resistant materials is bound to last longer before you find the need to replace it again.

4. Security and safety

It is not surprising that the older garage/entry doors cannot offer high security. It is easier to break into a house with a weak and less secure garage door/entry door. Check out new garage doors and entry doors from new-age manufacturers that are more secure, ensure better locking systems and can be integrated with automatic security systems.

5. Savings on heating/cooling

Yes, we know how expensive energy bills can be! What if we told you that there is an easy and cost-effective to cut down on those expenses? You heard us right. A new garage door is efficient in increasing savings from energy bills in the long run.

To put this in perspective, let us consider the size of the garage door. They are usually the biggest opening your house has. This also implies that they let in and let out a lot of cold/hot air.

Investing in a modern garage door ensures that your energy efficiency levels never drop down! Moreover, it also sees that the overall insulation is maintained well and thereby reduces heating costs.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, a new-age garage/entry door can be the perfect accessory to your house. Whether you want to sell it or reside in it for the rest of your life, modern doors ensure that they offer you and your family high security and energy efficiency.

Naturally, this increases the value of your home and certainly occupies the top of the list when it comes to returns on investment. Compared to other home improvement projects homeowners usually undertake, installation of a new entry door or a garage door costs much less. What’s more you ask? It can also significantly increase the selling price of your house.

Relatively low investment and high returns on the same. Can this deal get any better?

So, what’s holding you back? Talk to one of our agents here at Door Depot of SW Florida at (941) 412-1883 and we will be happy to assist you in getting your home the garage door it needs!

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