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What types/styles of Impact Windows do I need?

Are you interested in giving your living room and bedroom a lovely makeover? When most people remodel their house, they do not pay enough attention to the windows they have at home. Most people ignore the window style. But did you know that the right upgrade to your windows can make a significant difference?

Not only will it enhance the look of your interiors, but impact proofing your house with hurricane rated windows will also protect you and your family in case of any turbulence in the atmosphere. This article will walk you through the different styles of impact windows available and you can find the best pick for your home today!

1. Single Hung windows

These impact windows are very much similar to the ones we regularly install at home. The glass panel at the bottom slides up to open, and again moves vertically down to shut. This window style is apt for window openings of standard sizes and is very cost- effective.

2. Double Hung Windows

Some homeowners prefer to install double hung windows rather than single hung windows to provide for better ventilation. The main difference lies in the way these windows move to open. The double hung windows slide up to open the lower pane and slide down to move the upper pane.

Both single and double hung windows are great choices of impact windows as they offer sturdy frames and extra strong glass that resist strong winds.

3. Casement Windows

While single hung and double hung windows can slide up and down, casement windows can be opened inwards and sometimes outwards. The homeowner can hinge them either on the left or right, based on his/her preferences. This window style ensures more open and a clear line of sight compared to the window styles mentioned above.

These windows are also known to be one of the most energy efficient models of impact windows. This is so because the air when blows from outside against the panel, it adds to the strength of the seal. This luxury does come with a demand for higher investment but is worth your money. Just remember that they are ideal for a room with extra space.

4. Fixed/Picture Windows

Often referred to as ‘window walls’, these picture windows come in a variety of forms from floor to ceiling glass to wide panes in your living room or over your bathtub. The fixed windows give you an illusion of openness, much similar to a sunroom. But in reality, they are fixed and cannot be opened. Remember to choose energy efficient glasses for this window style to keep cooling costs at bay.

5. Rolling/Sliding windows

These windows span across the entire wall and are long and horizontal. They usually have 2 different windowpanes, and one/both can move on the sliding track to open, just like a glass sliding door.

This window style gives a sophisticated look to your dining hall or spacious bedrooms. Since they are huge, they can illuminate the space they are present in quite well. They also let generous amounts of breeze in when left open. The cost of these rolling windows depends on their width.

6. Skylight windows

Who said that windows need to be limited to the four walls of a room? It is time you take the window game up by a notch and shift to the ceiling. Skylight windows are a great way to give your room natural lighting without worrying about privacy or compromising on the wall space. This window style is apt for illuminating long hallways or smaller spaces like bathrooms.

If you have any additional questions about hurricane impact windows, please give us a call at Door Depot of SW Florida at (941) 412-1883 and one of our agents will be happy to assist you with your impact window questions!

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