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How to Protect Your Home During Florida's Rainy Season

Florida’s rainy season can be challenging, especially for homeowners. Every year, homeowners take precautions and measures to ensure that their homes can battle against the rainy season and adjoining hurricanes.

If you are also looking for steps to protect your home during Florida's rainy season, you’re at the right place. Today, we will share some home protection tips and measures that will help you keep your home safe during Florida hurricanes and save you thousands of dollars.

Know the Storm’s Threat Level

The first thing to do as a storm approaches is to know its threat level. The hurricane season usually starts in June and lasts till October end. During these months, especially in August and September, you should keep an eye on news channels and understand the type and threat level of storms.

For example, you must be familiar with the terms like cyclone, hurricane, tropical depressions, etc.

Hurricane Forecasts and Warnings

Every year, meteorologists predict the path of upcoming hurricanes, and you should keep checking that on weather reports. However, storms are known for not following the plotted path and can go anywhere. Therefore, you must stay updated with the latest weather forecasts and warnings and avoid staying in the danger area.

Update Your Home Insurance

If you really care about your home protection, purchase good home insurance. Keep an eye on the amount of coverage in your insurance, especially if your home’s value depreciates every year.

If your home comes under a high-risk flooding area then you can also purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Protect Your Roof

After every storm, check your roof for missing shingles or water damage. You can also hire a roof inspector to get your roof professionally inspected. If there are any weak spots on the roof, secure them immediately before the hurricane approaches.

This might look like a task but taking care of a roof is much cheaper than replacing a blown-off roof!

Do a Thorough Inspection of Your Home

Examine each and every part of your home that has to bear the force of a hurricane or heavy rainfall. It might include -

  • Foundation of your home

  • Outside of the home, such as exterior paint

  • Drains

  • Windows Protection

  • Entry Door protection

If you notice any signs of water damage, such as loose soil, bubbles in the paint, or moisture in buildings, get it immediately repaired. These signs may mean that water is accessing your foundation and can pave the way for greater damage during rains.

Likewise, when you are inspecting the interiors of your home, look for cracks and breaks in the walls and make sure that all electrical outlets are more than 3 inches above the floor. Consider dry-proofing your walls and adding foundation vents if you notice a problem.

Protect Your Home from Mold

Florida’s rainy season not just hits the homes directly but also causes other kinds of damage via certain agents. The most common one of them is - molds.

These fungi can grow after 24 hours of a flood and, if left unnoticed, can wreak havoc. So, whenever you see molds in your home, take suitable precautionary measures.


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