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Newcomers Quick Prepare Guide to Hurricane Season in Florida

Florida is no stranger to hurricanes and the hurricane season is particularly harsh to the Sunshine State. Although the season officially starts from June 1, it has been coming earlier for the past several years. It peaks during the months from August to October and may even last until the end of November. Therefore, it is always essential to plan for the hurricane season and be prepared at your home.

Florida is a fantastic place to live in, but it comes with its share of trouble in the form of hurricanes. Review the following tips that can help in the hurricane season, especially for newcomers.

1. Reinforce Your Home

One of the first things you should do is properly reinforce your doors and windows so that you and your loved ones can take cover inside when the storm hits. You can use window shutters, impact windows, and impact doors for this purpose. Impact doors and impact windows are more resilient than your regular doors and windows. This helps them withstand the heavy winds and rainfalls that accompany a hurricane. This is especially important if you have no shelters nearby and your home needs to be protected.

2. Get to know your Neighbors

It is always best to fix channels of communication before the hurricane season hits. Making friends with those who live around you can help in times of need. This way, they will be aware of where you can possibly be and come help in case you cannot contact anyone. It will also be helpful to them in case they may need your help in a time of need.

3. Store the Essentials

Before hurricane season commences, make sure you are well stocked with your essentials. In many places, there is flooding that prevents traveling for days and causes a lack of electricity. In such cases, you might have to hold out for a substantial period of time. However, this does not mean that you should hoard. Like you, many will have to stock up, so make sure to get only what is necessary. Some essential things to have are flashlights/lanterns, batteries, drinking water, a first aid kit, dry food, toiletries, radios, generators etc.

4. Provide for your Pets

Make sure you have adequate provisions to keep your pets safe during the hurricane season. Usually, most shelters do not allow pets, so you need to find out the ones that do or have a plan in place just in case. It’s also a good idea to have a tracking device on your pet so that you can readily find them. Make sure they have all their necessary vaccinations and medications on hand. A sturdy pet carrier is also a good item to have.

5. Make a Detailed Plan

Take all possible situations into account and make a solid plan of action before the hurricane season. This will help you take effective steps more quickly. It’s also helpful to communicate the plan to your family or housemates so that there is no miscommunication or incoordination at the hour of need.

It’s never too early to plan for hurricane season when you are living in Florida. If you are new, it’s very important that you know the basics and your neighbors well. There is no telling what might happen during the hurricane season but taking all necessary precautions can still help you hold out better during a hurricane.

If you have any questions regarding protecting the outside of your home, please give one of our agents at Door Depot of SW Florida a call today at (941) 412-1883. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!


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