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What Are The Different Types Of Storm Shutters?

Our homes have to face the onslaught of wintry and rough weather that the storm season brings every year. The windows and doors, in particular, have to bear the brunt force of strong winds, debris, and precipitation. So naturally, the windows and doors need an extra layer of protection to sustain the damage storms can bring to keep your homes safe. For storm and hurricane-prone geographic areas, there are several types of hurricane shutters in the market that can keep you safe in violent weather conditions and minimize the damage to your homes.

Types of Hurricane Shutters

The main types of hurricane shelters include-

  • Storm Panel

  • Accordion

  • Colonial

  • Bahama

  • Roll-Down

1. Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters

Storm panels are shutters made from either aluminum or polycarbonate that can be removed. These are the preferred options for safeguarding homes against storms because they are the most cost-effective type of shutters. However, the downside is that it takes longer to install the shutters and must be set up well before the storm season. Therefore, they should be removed and carefully stored once the storm has passed.


  • One of the most economical and affordable hurricane shutters

  • Temporary type that can be removed when not in use

  • Easily available in different standard sizes


  • Preparing for installation takes time

  • When not in use, shutters need to be carefully stored

  • Later updates may not be available

2. Accordion Hurricane Shutters

The accordion shutters are permanent installations that fold up similar to an accordion (hence the name) when not in use. These hurricane shutters are durable, convenient, and generally made from metal or polycarbonate. In addition, they can be stored in boxes set up on the side of each window which makes opening and protecting windows when needed, without any hassle.


  • Relatively affordable shutters

  • Permanent installation and no storage hassle

  • Fast and easy to set up before a storm


  • Boxy storage compartments can take away from curb appeal

  • Cost more than storm panels

3. Colonial Hurricane Shutters

Most hurricane shelters may not be the most attractive additions to your house, but colonial hurricane shelters are the exception. Colonial hurricane shutters blend nicely into the sides of a house and resemble normal shutters without running the curbside appeal. When the threat of a storm approaches, unfold and tighten the panel on either side of the window.


  • Aesthetically pleasing shutters

  • No storage space is needed, as these are permanent installations


  • Expensive shutters than most

  • It takes time to set up before a storm

4. Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Unlike most storm shutters, the Bahama hurricane shutter can be accessed from the inside of your home. These are an affordable yet stylish choice to provide protection to your doors and windows. They are made of aluminum, composite wood, or fiberglass. They are affixed to the top of the windows that can be vented from below at a 45-degree angle to allow air into the home.


  • Provides shade protection

  • Stylish curb appeal


  • Cost more than other hurricane shutters

  • Cannot protect doorways

  • Blocks most of the sunlight

5. Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters

Roll-down shutters look much like a roll-down garage door. They are stored in a compartment above each window that can be lowered manually or electronically when a storm approaches. They are generally made of metal or polycarbonate and also provide temperature regulation and privacy screening along with protection from hurricanes.


  • Multipurpose shutters that provide shade and privacy

  • It can be used above larger areas


  • Expensive option than other shutters

  • Requires professional installation

If you have any questions about any of our storm protection products please give us a call at (941) 412-1883.


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